March 15, 2009

khao i si lum (217km): 7-mar-2009

on the road (3222) to khaeng khoi, the khao i si lum (don't you just love the way that name just rolls off your tongue) loop was through quite a nice area, very little traffic. while it was a bit too short to really let the dogs loose, the very beginning of the loop was a nice, quasi-steep climb. there are some unusually designed homes at the beginning of the loop (supposedly one belongs to an "old school" actor here who's name i forgot) but it was too steep to comfortably stop to get any decent pictures (not that i'm capable of taking decent snapshots). the road runs northwest down through a pleasant valley, pretty much all rolling agricultural land. worth a little detour.

ran into about 30 odd "red shirt" protesters in ban na on the way up. noisy but they were fairly well behaved. felt sorry for the cops who were out in the heat directing traffic around the protest--it was another scorcher. i wonder who they ticked off to get such a plum assignment?

i also ran into some folks looking for jed khote, hope my directions didn't make them any more lost ;-) after they drove away i realized i had the turn off location marked in the GPS. oops.

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