May 13, 2009

murrah farm (175km): 9-may-2009

even though i left > 1 hr late (another stupid alarm clock failure), excellent ride to murrah farm. routes 3121-3010 were very nice riding terrain--rolling terrain with plenty of curves & not too much traffic. some bad road surface patches along the way (even trucks had a hard time w/a few spots) but nothing catastrophic. farm owner said she'd heard that TAT was looking at this route for some kind of bike tourism. i'd agree 100% if they fixed the road ;-)

the farm itself was quite interesting though you'll need to hoof it for 50 or so meters as the road down to the farm is dirt. owner was friendly & informative. had the best fresh mozzarella i have ever eaten. definitely worth the trip, for sure will do another ride there.

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Anonymous said...

I notice you haven't updated in a while- are you still in BKK? I'm moving to BKK in a few weeks and am interested cycling groups and tips. Might you have any suggestions?


Paul Hastings said...

still here, still riding. garmin changed the way it exported rides. haven't gotten around to fixing this blog.

Paul Hastings said...

sorry didn't see the 2nd question.

i don't normally ride w/clubs & when i do it's usually thai clubs. there's a farang one, peleton de bangkok: i think this is their usual route:

also a farang cycling forum here:

don't know what i can tell you as far as "tips" goes except don't ride in the city ;-) if you have specific questions?

Vlad said...


I wish to visit Thailand at the end of July.
I want to visit some factories of bikes and bicycle components, because I want to import from Thailand.

Can you please give me some information's about the factories from Bangkok (and surroundings)? Or some contact details?

Thank you,