May 7, 2009

pattaya (168 km): 2-may-2009

a first for my saturday rides, down south east to the "notorious" beach resort of pattaya. the ride was actually pretty decent. the only bad parts were the last bits of 304 into chachoengsao (of course) & the last 5 km or so of 3138 into 331 (lots of hills w/bad road surface, felt like cobblestones, shook the blood out of my arms, actually split open one of my gloves). route 3240 into pattaya was a very nice surprise, though just a bit too much traffic for such a narrow road. probably do this ride again.

pattaya itself is still the suck though.

didn't take many pictures, i guess the highlight was the busted water main near the beginning of the ride along route 304

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